Freshmore Curriculum




* Choose 2 out of 4 electives
^ For SHARP students and selected other students

SUTD Honours And Research Programme (SHARP) Honours Session

Advanced classes offered to SHARP students, and selected other students, on top of the regular Freshmore to deepen and broaden their knowledge.
More information on SHARP can be found here:

SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT)

The SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT) is a programme that is incorporated into specific Freshmore courses. FACT offers Freshmore (first-year) students the opportunity to expand their learning beyond the academic mastery gained in SUTD through broadening their horizons overseas. SUTD students will have the exciting opportunity of learning together with students from our partner universities, thereby understanding their way of learning and gaining insights into their local culture.
More information on SUTD FACT can be found here:

Freshmore Subjects (until AY2019)

More information about the Freshmore subjects for students enrolled in year 2019 and earlier can be found on this page: