01.018 Design Thinking Project I

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Design Thinking Projects I, II, and III provide the Freshmore students the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental design thinking principles. Students are introduced to design thinking through a series of design-centric, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, hands-on projects and seminars, guided by a yearly general theme to ensure integrated pedagogy and progressive learning. Moreover, the projects and their solutions are expected to impact areas of growth at SUTD, such as healthcare, cities, aviation, and data science.

01.018 Design Thinking Project I in term 1 is a guided project, 01.019 Design Thinking Projects II in term 2 is integrated with 3.007 Design Thinking and Innovation course, while 01.020 Design Thinking Project III in term 3 allows the students with more scope for self-guidance. Ultimately, the courses are designed to equip the students with a series of design thinking, technical, contextual, organizational, leadership, scientific and technological skills and competencies.