Sparking New Insights Into Dye Chemistry

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Sparking New Insights Into Dye Chemistry2022-03-30T14:30:25+08:00

SUTD – Chao Wang, Weijie Chi, Davin Tan, and Xiaogang Liu
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics – Qinglong Qiao and Zhaochao Xu

The SUTD-led study leverages systematic design and molecular engineering to develop brighter, more sensitive fluorophores used in detection probes and imaging labels.

Sparking New Insights Into Dye Chemistry

Fluorophores, a chemical compound that can emit light, can be used as fluorescent labels for bioimaging, and fluorescent probes to detect a wide range of chemical species and physical parameters.

During twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) – a photophysical process that occurs in many fluorophores – fluorescence gets extinguished. The donor and acceptor fragments of the fluorophore will twist to a nearly perpendicular conformation after photoexcitation, resulting in complete charge separation while transforming into a dark state.

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