Bernard Ee

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Senior Lecturer

Research Background:
Technology and Design

Pillar / Cluster: Science, Mathematics and Technology


I was born in Singapore and consider myself blessed to have lived and worked at numerous academic institutions in different countries in Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, Israel and the United Kingdom.

As an applied mathematician, I am very interested to see how mathematics and statistics can be utilized in various contexts. As such, I tend to focus more on how the resulting mathematical insights can lead to a better understanding of the topics being studied rather than the mathematical elegance itself (though interesting by themselves).

Such an approach has resulted in my never-ending quest to better understand the world around me through mathematics. This is the reason why I love being in a university where I not only get the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience but to learn from colleagues and students.


  • Ph.D. Applied and Computational Mathematics, Monash University
  • M.Sc. Mathematics, Massey University
  • B.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

Research Interests and Experience

Applications of Neural Networks to Engineering, Nonlinear Dynamics, Scientific Computing, Dynamics of Liquid Drops, Low Reynolds Number Hydrodynamics, Nonlinear Waves in the Ocean