Lau Chit Siong (Aaron)

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Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Background:
Physics, Technology and Design,

Pillar / Cluster: Science, Mathematics and Technology

Lau Chit Siong (Aaron)


Lau Chit Siong Aaron is an experimental scientist who engineers and studies next-generation quantum materials and devices. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science (Physics), first class honors, before receiving the A*STAR Graduate Scholarship to pursue his PhD at the University of Oxford. There, he worked on quantum transport through graphene-based single-molecule electronics. He returned to A*STAR IMRE in 2017, where he is now working on atomically thin materials for quantum applications. He has received the Career Development Award, MTC Young Individual Research Grant, and MTC Individual Research Grant as a principal investigator to develop novel fabrication strategies for 2D materials toward quantum technological applications. In his spare time, he reads and partakes in the following subjects and activities: physics, quantum technology, traveling, gardening, cycling, and most sports involving teams chasing after a ball.


  • University of Oxford, DPhil in Materials
  • National University of Singapore, Bachelor of Science (Physics), First class honours

Research Interests

Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Technologies, Two-Dimensional Materials, Single-Molecule Electronics


  • A*STAR Graduate Scholarship
  • Oxford Hetherington Prize
  • Career Development Award
  • MTC Young Individual Research Grant YIRG
  • MTC Individual Research Grant IRG

Selected Publications

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