Fu Siang Pin (Justin)

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Adjunct Lecturer

Research Background:

Pillar / Cluster: Science, Mathematics and Technology

Fu Siang Pin (Justin)


I found passion in mathematics when I was in secondary school. Inspired by a great teacher who helped me believe that I still have some hope in mathematics, I set my goal on becoming a math educator in the hopes that I will be able to breakdown complicated concepts to aid students in understanding them and teach in a way that inspire students to love the subject. A strong believer that passion and encouragement are important recipe in learning a subject well. Learning math isn’t always easy but the joy of finally understanding a certain concept or solving a particular problem helps to keep me moving forward.

I am also blessed with a lovely wife in 2020 and a cute son in 2023!


  • Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators), Nanyang Technological University (2015 to 2017)
  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), SIM University (2010 to 2014)