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Tan Da Yang
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Da Yang graduated from National University of Singapore with a Ph.D. in Physics for his theoretical work on open quantum systems, under Prof Gong Jiangbin. After his Ph.D. studies, he joined the Air Traffic Management Research Institute in Nanyang Technological University and worked on the developmental work to enable large scale operations of unmanned aircraft in the urban airspace. His key contributions included the proposal to toggle airspace configurations dynamically and the quantification of the airspace parameters. His work was incorporated in the traffic management domain of the programme and was presented to ICAO.

Following his long term interests in education and pedagogy, Da Yang then joined the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group in the National Institute of Education (NIE) as a Research Fellow where he worked on the curriculum review for the post-graduate diploma courses. During his stint with NIE, he proposed an encompassing nested framework for curriculum review, and the framework is being explored in the curriculum review within the academic group.

His current research interests lie in the pedagogies for science and mathematics tertiary education, transition from pre-tertiary to tertiary education, and applied science and mathematics education for professionals. He is also interested in exploring education from a complex systems perspective, and to understand if there are any emergent behaviours in such a highly interacting social system.


  • Ph.D. in Physics, National University of Singapore

Research Interests

  • Education pedagogies for science and mathematics tertiary education
  • Transition from pre-tertiary to tertiary education
  • Applied science and mathematics education for professionals
  • Complex social systems and dynamics