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Awarded Year Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Collaborator(s) Project Title
2010 A*STAR Cai Kui Two dimensional coding and signal processing towards 10 Tb/in2 magnetic recording
2012 A*STAR Cai Kui Non-volatile memories for high performance, radiation hardened aerospace application
2014 USA AFOSR AOARD Ricky Ang Modeling of ultrafast laser induced emission from Graphene
2014 MOE Ricky Ang Quantum model of space charge limited charge injection into novel materials
2014 MOE Anariba Franklin Edwin Reducing Urinary Catheter Associated Infections via Induced Photocurrents
2014 Temasek Lab Kwan Wei Lek Wearable sensor
2015 MOE Yang Shengyuan Capacitive mixing batteries: harvesting blue energy from water salinity gradient
2015 RENEW Anariba Franklin Edwin Graphene Rope
2015 MOE Dario Poletti Towards realization, optimization and control of nano engines
2015 MOE Tan U-Xuan Yajuan (Julia) Zhu, Pey Kin Leong Integrated Physics & Math E-Learning
2015 AFOSR Yang Shengyuan Magnetically doped twodimensional MoS2: towards high performance spintronics applications
2015 NRF Zhao Xin Cai Kui Radiation-resilient microcontroller for small-satellite applications
2016 A*STAR Cai Kui Development of Novel Channel Coding and Detection Techniques for Electric-Field-Assisted Magnetic Random Access Memory
2016 MOE Yang Shengyuan Feng Yuan Ping Explore topological semimetals for novel transport effects and phase transitions
2016 RENEW Anariba Franklin Edwin Graphene Rope Extension
2016 NAMIC and ST Dynamics Kevin Ge Qi 3D and 4D Printing Technologies to Create Actuating and Transforming Components
2016 ST Dynamics Kevin Ge Qi 4D printing of movable aerodynamic structures of unmanned aerial vehicle
2016 ONRG Pablo Alvarado Kevin Ge Qi Multi-material Soft-active-composite Structure
2016 A*STAR Kevin Ge Qi Martin Dunn Recyclable structured polymers by simulation-based design
2016 MND Kwan Wei Lek Sustainable Futures
2016 AOARD Dario Poletti Exploring the Design Space of Quantum Heat Engines
2016 MOE Chen Jer-Ming Dorien Herremans Simon Lui (Tencent) Teaching and learning English pronunciation by generating vocal tract shapes from the frequency domain information
2017 RENEW Anariba Franklin Edwin Carbon Nanotube-based Batter Heated Fabrics
2017 USA AFOSR AOARD Ricky Ang Computational Electromagnetics at Fractional Dimensions
2017 SGH-SUTD Surgery Academic Clinical Programme Chen Jer-Ming Dr Ng Lay Guat (SGH) Creation of a Novel Audio Uroflow App for use with a smart phone for the assessment of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms – pilot study (AUA) with SGH
2017 SMART Anariba Franklin Edwin Development of novel impact resistant bio-inspired materials using novel 3D fabrication technique
2017 NUS-NRF MSRDP Anariba Franklin Edwin Effect of strain-engineered superhydrophobicity on adhesion of marine organisms
2017 MOE Cai Kui Multicoding for High Speed and Density Nonvolatile Memory with Asymmetric Errors
2017 A*STAR Ricky Ang Physics and Scaling laws of electric contact using 2D materials
2017 MOE Dario Poletti Quantum transport beyond 1D linear chains: role of gauge fields and frustration
2017 NUS-NRF MSRDP Anariba Franklin Edwin Effect of strain-engineered superhydrophobicity on adhesion of marine organisms
2018 SMART Chen Jer-Ming Acoustic Analytic Apps for Smart Telehealth Screening – Creating a Big Data
2018 Industry Consultation (Panasonic Singapore) Chen Jer-Ming Deep Learning Sound Recognition
2018 A*STAR Kevin Ge Qi Cyber-Physiochemical Interfaces
2018 Asian Office of Aerospace R&D Joseph Fitzsimons Computational Electromagnetism at Fractional dimensions
2018 MOE Yang Shengyuan Explore anomalous scattering shift at spin/pseudospin-orbit-coupled junctions
2018 MOE Ricky Ang Fractional model of charge injection and transport for Dirac materials
2018 MOE Desmond Loke Chong Tow-Chong
Zhao Rong
Integrated, Ultrafast, Nanoscale, Single-Material In-Logic-Memory Systems
2018 Diabetes Australia Dr Helena Qin Chengxue Leo Chen Huei Discovering new drugs to treat diabetes-induced cardiovascular complications
2018 Ferring Pharmaceutical Singapore Leo Chen Huei Professor Laura Parry (University of Melbourne) Dr Akhter Hossain Targeting the vasculature with relaxin-like peptide, B7-33 to treat preeclampsia
2019 NAMIC CLP Chen Jer-Ming Enhancing interior spaces by creating adaptable 3d printed objects set
2019 MOE Keegan Kang Wong Wei Pin, Sergey Kushnarev Improving random projections and LSH schemes with statistical techniques
2019 MOE Dario Poletti Many-body physics of noisy qubits, quantum error correction and fault tolerance
2019 SMART Liu Xiaogang Near-Infrared Auto-Blinking Fluorophores for Super-Resolution Fluorescence Nanoscope Applications
2019 A*STAR Cai Kui Spin-orbit technologies for intelligence at the edge (SpOT-LITE)
2019 MOE Anariba Franklin Edwin Synthesis-mechanism-uses of 2D mica nanosheets via aqueous microwave chemistry
2019 USA ONRG Ricky Ang Fractional modeling of Electromagnetic wave propagation in meta-materials
2019 A*STAR-NTU-SUTD AI Partnership Yang Shengyuan AI Assisted Design of Topological Devices with Ultra-low Power Dissipation
2019 Temasek Foundation Innovates Chen Jer-Ming
Emily Guo (NUH)
NUH Tracking & Facilitating Childhood Speech Acquisition & Development in the Singapore Context
2019 MOE Yang Shengyuan Explore novel nonsymmorphic topological metals and their physical properties
2020 Ferring Innovation USA Leo Chen Huei NTU Relaxing treatment of liver fibrosis and vascular dysfunction using a novel animal model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
2020 Workforce Development Applied Research Fund Cheong Kang Hao Identifying the motivational tipping point for lifelong learning: One size does not fit all
2020 MOE Cai Kui Information Coding and Error Correction for DNA-Based Big Data Storage
2020 MOE Cheong Kang Hao Fully-Integrated Gamified Virtual Reality Environment for STEM Education