Lim Kian Guan

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Research Associate

Research Background:
Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Technology and Design,

Pillar / Cluster: Science, Mathematics and Technology


Assistant Professor Desmond Loke

Research Project

Title: Neuromorphic Computing
PI: Assistant Professor Desmond Loke


  • Research in neuromorphic computing and hardware accelerating deep neural networks (Year 2017 to 2020)
    • Accelerating Deep Neural Networks Implementation on FPGA
    • Tester development of neuromorphic computing
  • Research in non-volatile solid-state memory (Year 2000 to 2016)
    • Tester development of Non-Volatile Solid-State Memory
  • Research in Optical data storage (Year 1997 to 2008)
    • Phase-Change Optical Disc


  • Master of Engineering, National University of Singapore (2004-2008)
  • B.SC (Hons) in Physics, University of Malaya (1994-1997)

Selected Publications

  • Desmond Loke, Luping Shi, Weijie Wang, Rong Zhao, Hongxin Yang, LungTat Ng, Kian-Guan Lim, Tow-Chong Chong and Yee-Chia Yeo, ‘Ultrafast switching in nanoscale phase-change random access memory with superlattice-like structures’, Nanotechnology 22 (2011) 254019
  • Weijie Wang, Desmond Loke, Luping Shi, Rong Zhao, Hongxin Yang, Leong-Tat Law, Lung-Tat Ng, Kian-Guan Lim, Yee-Chia Yeo, Tow-Chong Chong & Andrea L. Lacaita, ‘Enabling Universal Memory by Overcoming the Contradictory Speed and Stability Nature of Phase-Change Materials’, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS | 2 : 360 | DOI: 0.1038/srep00360, Published on 11 April 2012
  • J. M. Li, H. X. Yang and K. G. Lim, ‘Field-dependent activation energy of nucleation and switching in phase change memory’, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 100, 263501 (2012)
  • Desmond Loke, Luping Shi, Weijie Wang, Rong Zhao, Lung-Tat Ng, KianGuan Lim, Hongxin Yang, Tow-Chong Chong, and Yee-Chia Yeo, Superlatticelike dielectric as a thermal insulator for phase-change random access memory’, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 97, 243508 2010
  • Minghua Li, Rong Zhao, Leong Tat Law, Kian Guan Lim, and Luping Shi, ‘TiWOx interfacial layer for current reduction and cyclability enhancement of phase change memory’, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 101, 073502 (2012)
  • E. G. Yeo, L. P. Shi, R. Zhao, K. G. Lim, T. C. Chong, and I. Adesida, ‘Parasitic capacitance effect on programming performance of phase change random access memory devices’, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 96, 043506 2010